First time home buying can be stressful; it's arguably the biggest investment in your lifetime.

The mortgage process can be confusing; steps include pre-approval, collecting tax documents, home appraisals, lawyer appointments...

Debt consolidation is a truly scary thing today; with credit card bills, student loans, car payments, and all the other monthly charges we get, it's easy to fall behind.

This is where I can help you maximize your finances, leverage your assets and existing equity and grow your investment portfolio by either purchasing your first, second, or third home, lower your interest rate or add additional funds into your bank account. 

My experience comes from a background of sales and negotiation with large corporations to help my clients get the possible solution for their needs. Becoming a mortgage broker, I was able to use my past experiences and connections I've made to provide my clients with the advice they need to make those big decisions. 

As your personal broker, my mission is to provide a trusting and secure environment for home-buyers and ensure that your financing needs are taken care of with the utmost diligence. I strive on building new connections into long lasting relationships with all my clients and business partners. 



H. Nguyen

In late November 2019 I was looking to get a HELOC but because my regular bank would not work with I.A. (Industrial Alliance where my mortgage was) I seek out to a mortgage broker. Rashid has good communication and listening skills. He explained complex information clearly and simply. Rashid offers to get access to many different lenders with one time credit check. I am thankful that he got our application done in a short span of time. We received the lowest interest rate for a HELOC at the time. He did an amazing job with communication, we were able to connect with him directly thru WhatsApp. He is extremely diligent and thorough, we didn't have to go thru a receptionist or secretary to connect with him. Overall Rashid was amazing. He provided excellent service. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend Rashid as a mortgage broker to anyone. During this Covid 19 uncertain times, looking back I am so glad I found Rashid and got a HELOC approved. I would not hesitate anyone to reach out to Rashid to get help and get a loan so that you can have a emergency fund to use if you are waiting to go back to work or start a side business. Rashid, thank you for wonderful service.

L. Bui

Rashid came recommended to me from my trusted financial advisor. My situation was a challenging one that required a lot of paperwork and finesse, and someone who knows the ins and outs. Rashid was professional, efficient and personable from the start. He informed me what is needed and how to go about gathering all the paperwork. He was receptive to all my questions and answered them in a way that was easy to understand. He made me feel like a friend instead of just a business transaction. He was reachable via all modes of communications (email, phone, text) and was prompt in his responses . I really appreciated this especially during this time of quarantine and social distancing.

The bottom line: I would work again with him in the future. I would recommend my friends and family members to him. Thank you Rashid for making it easy to work with you.

I. Grimsdick

Rashid has a really great way of explaining some relatively complex items in really easy ways, and he makes the whole process really straightforward for you. I really appreciated how he kept me up to date on everything with quick messages and phone calls that were important, but not time consuming. He was able to get me a deal that I'm really satisfied with and thanks to him I'm much better set up for financial success. I'd strongly recommend him whether you're a mortgage neophyte or if you're well versed in this stuff. He'll work hard for you and be friendly and approachable throughout the process.